Oh Christmas Tree...

If you're FB fwends with me, you may have seen my recent Christmas Tree Photoshoot with Daisy.

Me and my sister usually do an awkward-family photo style photo under the tree. Last year, my mum loved it so much that she framed the photo of me catching my sister downing a bottle of port under the tree...

As you know, I won't be home for Xmas this year. Therefore, I had to find a replacement for my Photoshoot...Daisy is my new partner in crime and so she was asked to join in.
She didn't want to...she was busy watching Tom and Jerry.
After some coaxing she decided that her pose would consist of throwing herself onto the tree and scowling.

What a diva.
She eventually came round to the idea though.

Here's my favourite and one that I'd like to frame for my mum when I go home in January! 

In other Christmas-related news, I changed the board again...

I got a hot water bottle (believe me, this was the least cutesy one on the whole market)...

It's pretty amazing, you can put your hands in the middle and carry it around (which, ahem, I obviously have not been doing). I'm not sure exactly what liquid is in it, but you actually charge it through a lead and in 8mins it's hot! No more scalding yourself with boiling water.

I discovered this amazing Peanut Milk, I really shouldn't have drank it...but it was a present and it would've been rude to decline...

I made some frozen banana and peanut butter bites, you can find the recipe on Pinterest- the name is pretty self-explanatory.

I've been wearing a face mask due to the actually, seriously dangerous levels of pollution and smog. I told you I'm practically Chinese now.

Ill leave you with my favourite new photo (taken during a big old card game and drinking session, by Chinese Tony)...

I'm off to buy some new colouring pens...it's a hard life.


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