Ni Hao!

China is incredible.

Everything is just so big. The cities, buildings, supermarkets... It's a lot to take in, but so exciting. 

My flights here were long but fine, and the long journey gave me a lot to adjust my body clock to Shanghai time (gmt+8). So, somehow, I've managed to avoid any jet lag!

i saw this in Moscow airport and couldn't resist getting a photo!

When I flew into Shanghai I was taken aback by the sheer size of the place, it's immense. Shaoxing is smaller, but still very big. I'm living in an apartment about 20min drive from the city centre. I'm living on my own, which is the first time I have, but I actually quite like it! I keep thinking how funny it is that my first apartment is in China.
The view ain't half bad...

It's very hot and humid here, luckily most places have air-con! I usually wake up and forget how hot it is, then when I step outside I feel like I've got into an oven. And it doesn't get much cooler after dark! But I'm not complaining, waking up to sunshine every morning is a dream come true, and unlike in the UK, I'm pretty sure that it's going to last. So while many of you are getting hot and bothered in the 28 degree heat, spare a thought for us in the 40s!

The school I'm at is brand new and very cute and colourful. The class sizes are very very small, which makes teaching easier and more personal. All in all I couldn't be happier with the work side of things! The social side at the moment is rather slow, but I have no doubt that it will be picking up once Lara and Amy arrive! We have a lot to explore and experience!

I managed to get out and do a little is what i found...

Hopefully this Sundays, my day off, will involve a trip downtown and I can introduce you all to Shaoxing a little more. But for now, Ciao!


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