The Last Supper.

It's that time of the year; all the students start packing up their belongings, piling it into cars and trailing home or away for the Summer.

Being a third year, it's the final time I'll ever pack up my uni room and trek back to the Shire.  Not only will I not be coming back to Bristol, but I also won't be in the UK for the indefinite future. So it's doubly sad and it means that the goodbyes are even harder!
I wanted to have a last lovely meal with some lovely people, so I chose Bills on the triangle. This time I was determined to take some better photos! 

Jeri, Nick and Sian came along too. Sian is going back to London today, so it was also a goodbye for her! Also, Jeri leaves to start Uni in London in September (I'm a very proud mother) she won't be in Bristol for much longer either! I've known Jonny since Day 1 of Uni, he's one of the first people I saw when I moved in on my very first day and I lived with him for two years! 

I wanted something fresh to drink so I went for the Carrot, Orange and Ginger juice- it was divine!

We were all pretty hungry, so dived straight for the hummus and tzatziki with dips.

For main I had chicken skewers with a fruity cous-cous, salad and pitta. It was really lovely and had a lot of nice flavours. However, the tzatziki on the side had gone off and kind of made me wary for the rest of the meal...

Jeri had a bacon and avocado salad, which looked great...

After a pretty quick meal, we headed down to Charlie's Bar on Whiteladies Road, for 2for1 cocktails with Fran and some of her friends!

I opted for a Gin Collins...although it didn't do much to calm my nerves about getting my results today!

Luckily, I won't be drowning my sorrows tonight, but celebrating instead...because I will be graduating with a 2:1!!! As will Lara! We are both over the freaking moon, having hard work pay off is the best feeling in the world. Now we can both relax and start looking forwards to our Chinese adventure!


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