It was a Monday night, I couldn't be bothered cooking and Taz has made a resolution to start living like a King, so we went out for supper.

I told Taz to surprise me, hoping that he wouldn't pick anywhere Italian or a chain-restaurant (I hate chains, with the exception of Bills and Browns). I was pleasantly surprised when we turned up at Moreish, a cute bistro-style restaurant in the Cotham area of Bristol.
The Cotham/Whiteladies area of Bristol is a big foodie-hub of great restaurants, cafes, bars and gourmet delis and butchers. Obviously, I love it there. 
Moreish is in a bit of a more suburb-y area, on good-old Chandos Road. Very convenient location for most students, a bit out of the way for others. However, if you want a relaxed evening with some amazing wine, it's well worth seeking it out!

I felt like a good glass of Rose was in order, so ordered a Pinot Grigio off the menu. It was probably one of the nicest Rose's I've ever had, so beautiful I had two!

Moreish do an evening menu, with two courses for £18.50 and three for £22.50 in the week. The menu looked great and the food that came out of the kitchen was well-presented and original. However, we were both feeling a bit indecisive and picky, so we ordered a good portion of the Tapas menu.

The olives were insanely good, buttery and mellow. They went pretty quickly! We also had some fantastic bread, a rocket salad and some yummy stuffed peppers. We ordered some dishes off the hot menu too- chicken wings, sticky ribs and some beautiful honey and mustard cocktail sausages. Taz said that he could have had a big plate of those alone.

Tapas is one of my favourite ways to eat, because you can pick a bit, talk, drink a bit, talk etc etc. It sits on the table waiting for you and you can keep going back for more, for as long as you want, perfect for me because I'm a chatty one. 

It was a lovely meal, in a relaxed atmosphere and I'd recommend it to anyone who can't be bothered to cook, or just wants a good feed!


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