Cider and Cocktails.

The sun finally started to show up in Bristol; it was a very humid afternoon and everyone started to migrate towards the river, where the cider was flowing.

I met up with the boys, Jeri and Sian, who's visiting from New Zealand! The weather was beautiful the riverside was full of people lazing about or just getting out of work and having a drink or two. 
We went to The Apple, a boat moored on the river that brews some proper cider that will knock your socks off. Jed bought a round of half-pints (because it's so strong that you can only buy it in a half!). They have a great deal on weekdays, where certain drinks are all £1.50 with a student card, which made us all very happy! So I got the second round as we soaked up the sun.

Next, we headed to the South Bank of the river, to the Ostrich Inn, to watch the rowers... had another nice big pint and watched the sun go down. Here's Jonny admiring some of those very toned rowers...

We stopped off at Browns on the way home for a cheeky £5 cocktail! Then home to change, grab some food and off out into the busy night! I met up with Taz and headed to the Big Chill, where Alice, Tash and Zoe had been watching live music all afternoon. Unfortunately we were too late to see any bands, but the DJ's were keeping things lively!

I ordered a big tequila cocktail called the 'Paloma', I couldn't resist. It didn't taste amazing...but oh well, tequila is tequila! 

There was a big group of our friends heading to Mr Woolf's and Taz had a friend DJ-ing, so after our drink we moved down the street. We met back up with the boys, Jeri, Sian and some new faces. There was quite a lot more dancing and more tequila cocktails...this time I went for the good old, sweet Tequilla Sunrise!

By 3 it was time to head home, or dance home as a few of us did! The next day I felt a little bit I slept off that feeling in the park, with a Twister lolly. 
Bristol is the perfect place to spend the Summer, there's so much to do, see and drink! If you like Cider it's an absolute bonus because it flows from every angle on hot days! Just make sure you don't mind feeling a bit fragile the day after!


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