Long Weekend.

You can't say this very often, but wasn't the Bank Holiday glorious?!

It was in Bristol anyway!...the sun was out to play, and so was the entire city- or so it seemed. I decided to put revision on the back-burner for a few days (not that I'd really gotten round to starting anyway) and go out and have some fun. Here's what I got up to...

Friday night was made for dancing, so Emily and Rosie took me out with some of their very lovely friends...Taz joined in and it soon became a party.

As with too many nights out, the next day was spent in bed/on the sofa, watching tv and feeling sorry for myself! There is however, the upside of hangover food... homemade big fat Roquefort cheese and tomato pizza (I used the flatbread recipe for the base) and Slutty Brownies, menders of broken hearts, hangovers, exam blues...anything in fact!

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (extra-long weekend for us students) were spent in St Andrew's Park, watching all the local tricksters juggle, tightrope walk and light pretty impressive BBQs. I had my first ice-lolly of the season, a good old Twister, you simply can't go wrong with a Twister.

I did have to attend Uni for an hour today (it's not all fun and games) so decided to sit on the beautiful College Green, next to the Cathedral and do some work. I threw on my new favourite clothing item, my amazing elephant dungarees from Topshop...they just make me happy looking at them!

Thank-you Mother Nature for the beautiful weather...even if it was a bit distracting. Apparently, there's going to be rain for the rest of the week, so I'll getting back into the books, but much happier, tanned and with some more freckles.


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