Lana Del Rey.

You may already know that me and my sister are a bit sneaky with gifts...

We tend to do the same thing every Xmas and birthday- buy one another something that the other can get in on. This resulted in our amazing trip to the Harry Potter studio tour, and a trip to Manchester to see Lana Del Rey on Friday.

The girl knows how to put on a show.

You've no doubt heard some of her songs...if not, think All-American glamour, Hamptons-style dress and demeanor and a whole lot of sexy thrown in for good measure. Lana is quite the style-icon and her amazing set did not disappoint. It was theatrical and a total feast for the eyes.
She also spent a considerable amount of time with the crowd, taking photos, signing etc...this got slightly annoying after watching 10mins of it, but I think it's pretty great to see someone who is so obviously appreciative of their fans.

It helps that the Manchester Apollo is a pretty wonderful venue, it's old-fashioned, intimate yet grand and the slanted flooring is perfect for shorties like me. If you get a chance to go there, you really should!

I have to say that I think she is one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen and her hair is just so glossy. She performed the songs in a way that really brought them to life and her voice is incredible live. A talented lady and a wonderful night.
Thanks sis!


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