Whenever a new restaurant opens around Uni, there's always a bit of a buzz about it: what it's like, who's managed to get a table etc etc...

Bill's is the latest restaurant to create a bit of a stir on the Triangle (the shopping/eating area right next to Bristol Uni). It looks great, it's always busy and due to the fact that a lot of Bristol students are from London (where they already have 6 restaurants and another 4 on the way!) it's being constantly recommended.
I decided that I'd had enough of revision on Thursday, so rounded up my foodie friends and with the help of the wonderful Lara, managed to get a table. The girl is a miracle-worker, because they were the best seats in the house!

Bill's not only make fantastic food (descriptions of which are to come, don't worry), but they also sell a lot of their own stuff that they make and use. Perfect for recreating restaurant-worthy food at home. From what I could see, it all looked great and was priced really reasonably. Taz and Josh had a Bill's Beer, which they brew themselves...apparently they were so good, they both decided to go back and buy some for their fridge. They also do an amazing looking cookbook, and wonderful hampers in their online shop. Unfortunatley, my birthday has gone, and Christmas is a while away...but if anyone would like to send me a present just for being me, look no further.

Back to the food. We all started off with some drinks (aperitifs if you're being fancy)...I had a fantastic Fruit Belini, just what I needed after a hard days work. Lara's fresh juice smoothie looked amazing too. We ordered the Warm Bread Board and the Hummus and Tzatziki to nibble. I can't explain how lovely the hummus was, it's something which is often far too processed, but Bill's was very authentic. 

After a lot of talking and more drinks we decided it was time for the mains... Now, I'm a bit of a lover of the old-fashioned, cheap and cheerful Fish Finger Sandwich, I've even blogged about it before. There's just something so comforting and homely about it. So, when I see it on a menu, especially in somewhere like Bill's, I get pretty excited and everything else (even including my beloved Burger) gets forgotten. Needless to say, I was very happy with my choice, the fish was of such a beautiful quality, the whole thing just melted in my mouth...

Taz ordered Pork and Slaw from the specials menu, I believe that it was quite something. I heard him tell everyone how good it was, and the fact that it just melted onto his fork was announced a few times!
My camera was really not on top all my photos are very blurry and bad quality (I'm blaming the camera, but could've been my wine consumption) I'll put them up anyway!

Lara had the Pearl Barley and Mushroom Risotto and Josh and Alice shared the Pan-Fried Salmon and Prawns with some sides. All-round good reviews and empty plates! I'm a bit sad that no-one went for a Burger, because I'm very curious to see what it looks/tastes like! However, it does give me a good excuse to go back!

We stayed around for some more drinks, before heading to Hermanos, a few doors down for a nightcap, and then back home.

Bill's is really great, the food is wonderful, the menu is well-thought out and the service is lovely. It's definitely worth a visit! It's also the kind of place that would make a perfect date: fancy enough to impress but well-priced and friendly enough to be relaxed! I'm hoping to go back soon to try out the breakfast menu, I'm excited already!


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