Ciao Burger.

When C and I were feeling a little bit worse for wear this weekend, we went on a burger hunt.

Little did I know, we'd stumble across a goldmine. Ciao burger is on Gloucester Road, but quite far up so I'd never really noticed it before. It's probably a good thing in hindsight because I've been there twice in 3 days and I'm supposed to be thinking about that bikini body that I seem to have misplaced...

It's a fast food burger restaurant with an original, upmarket, watch-us-make-it-all-infront-of-you twist. You choose Veggie, Beef or Chicken...then a type of burger eg chilli cheese, garlic mayo... any extras (hashbrowns anyone?!) and then sides and drinks. You can get a burger, fries and drink for under £6, it's all very good.

Oh and did I mention that it all tastes amazing?...

 The Rodeo beef burger is wonderful, especially if you like onion rings...and the chicken strips are very, very good. Throw in a blue cheese mayo and you've won me over. They have a great and really unusual selection of dips, it's really worth getting one.

Sophia went for a Blue Cheese chicken burger, real chicken breast...looked fantastic and judging by her reaction it tasted it too! She also had a chocolate milkshake (which I naughtily tried some of...yummy).

The jackpot for me however, was the New Yorker beef burger: bacon, cheese, mustard mayo, pickles....drool.

This is fast food but not as you know it people. Head over to their FB page, add them as a friend and you'll get a free upgrade to a milkshake when you order a meal. They also give food away to lucky friends! *please be me...please be me*


  1. Burgers seem to feature very heavily in your diet