When I come back to visit my parents, in rural Cheshire, there's only one thing I actually want...a trip to Snugbury's Ice Cream Farm.

Snugbury's is pretty famous round these parts. It's a dairy farm, just outside of the town of Nantwich. They had the brilliant idea one day to turn all their cow's milk into luscious ice cream, in amazing flavours.

I haven't been for quite sometime, and although I'm trying to be good and stay away from the dairy, I just couldn't resist. I didn't want sorbet...I wanted real ice cream, thick, creamy and very cold. So, even though there was still snow on our front lawn, me and C drove out to the farm to get some of the best ice cream around.

The ice cream shop has got a whole lot fancier since I last went, they even have a cafe area now. We were the only ones there (unsurprisingly) but there are queues out of the door in Summer! Apparently, they have around 200,000 visitors a year... Over Summer, the farm also becomes famous for the ginormous straw and hay sculptures they put in the field attached to the ice cream shop. There's always a stream of people walking round and taking photos of 20ft meerkats, polar bears or windmills- to name but a few...

Photo from Snugbury's Website.

However, I was only after one cream, and lots of it.

I wanted to try some flavours that I hadn't had before, rather than going down the well-trodden path of chocolate brownie and honeycomb. So I went for one scoop of Fig and Honey and one of Banana and Caramel. The first was beautiful, so unusual and really flavorsome. The second was a lot mellower but still lovely!

C went for Chatwin's Apple if you don't know, Chatwin's is another Nantwich institution. It's a bakery which sells the best cakes, biscuits, pies, bread- the list goes on. Their apple pie is legendary. Whoever thought of putting it into Snugbury's ice cream is a genius...
I may have had slight food envy, and tried to steal them both.

If you're from Cheshire, you won't need me to recommend this place, chances are you spent every Summer weekend nagging your parents to take you there. But if you're from anywhere else in the UK, or world, I cannot state how important it is that you come to Cheshire this Summer and head to Snugbury's! They even sell tubs of their most popular flavours so that you can take a little slice of the dairy farm home with you. 


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